Time to Teach to Your Labrador and Other Dogs

Hey, Woodall Training here welcoming you to our site.  We are happy to have you here and one reason for that is because you are ready to begin your puppy’s education.  Helping him or her learn proper dog behavior is going to make the biggest difference in how well he responds to you and the relationship you both have with one another.

Teaching your dog also helps build the bond between the two of you!  Having said that, with training comes the responsibility to educate your furry friend the right way.

At Woodall Training we teach through positive reinforcement.  We begin with treats to help get the dog’s attention and then build on that with petting and belly rubs as well as “good boy” comments that they love to hear.  This is going to create the connection of a lifetime between your and your four-legged friend.  So hang tight as we get the site going and we will be back soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this precious puppy playtime video.